It is important, before you purchase one of our course options, that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from us - and what your responsibilities are. This is to make sure that there are no misunderstandings between us.

Once you have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions, the agreement below will be legally binding on you - and on us.


We will:

  1. Provide you with suitable course materials, sufficient for your course, as promised - please note: it is your responsibility to meet deadlines, submit any Translation Practices. We will also provide past Exam papers and/or similar, as part of your course option/s fee, if they are required for the course option/s on which you have enrolled. Our course fees do NOT include any IoLET registration fees or exam fees. These and any other charges they may make, are payable directly to the IoLET.

  2. Inform you when, and how, to enter IoLET exams (if you are doing a course that includes IoLET exams).

  3. Encourage you during your studies.

  4. Provide you with access to appropriate expertise to support you during your course.

  5. Update your learning materials as and when necessary. This constant updating process means that if course structures change after you have enrolled - new subjects may be added, out-of-date subjects removed and course content / translation assignments may differ; changes that relate to courses using IoLET exams are made in line with IoLET handbooks. We will also provide you with updates, if necessary, when you enter the IoLET exams, as part of our exam training service.

  6. If Skype Sessions have been ordered, a Language Partner will be assigned for practice on past exam papers.

  7. Return marked translation work to you with feedback from a professional linguist as per your chosen Translation Practice option 2

  8. Deal with any difficulties promptly and fairly.

  9. Operate an equal opportunities policy.

  10. Remove you from the course, and archive your records, if you do not communicate with us for 6 months without prior arrangement.

  11. Reinstate you on the course, subject to our written agreement, if you have been removed for any reason, provided any outstanding course option/s fees are brought up to date. However, if you have not communicated with us for more than 6 months, we will ask you to re-enrol and will charge you up to 30% of the original course fee.

  12. Allow you to transfer to another more suitable course, if possible and subject to our written agreement. A transfer fee will be charged. This will be in proportion to the amount of the original course you have completed.

  13. Remind you if you have fallen behind with any course fee instalments and only cease your access if you have failed to respond to two warning emails. We will then give you written notice that we have ceased your access. You may rejoin the course at any time if your course option/s fees are brought up to date and on payment of a £50 administration fee.

  14. We will not be able to mark your Translation Practice work, offer Skype Sessions with your Language Partner or provide online course materials if your course option/s fee instalments are not paid up to date.

  15. Offer training, advice and support to prepare you for your IoLET exams (if you are doing a course that includes IoLET exams). Proof-reading and Feedback by our Language Partners: Our Language Partners will always provide the highest quality work however, please note that none of their opinions or scores are ratified by the IoLET. They do not and cannot constitute a guarantee of passing the Exam. We have no control over the results or decisions made by the Marking team of the examining board and cannot guarantee your passing of the exam in any way.

  16. Consider re-funding your course fees only in exceptional circumstances - see the statement under no. 22, below.

  17. Not be held responsible, or liable, for problems or financial losses that are caused by circumstances outside our control - for example, exam board acts or decisions, overseas examination offices, the IoL.

  18. Remove you from the course if, in our opinion, your behaviour towards us, or any member of our staff, is abusive or unreasonable; or if you indulge in plagiarism by submitting work for Translation Practice marking that is not your own, breach our Copyright notice- see the notice under no. 24, below. Refunds will not be made in such circumstances.

  19. Charge a fee of £60 for any cancellation of a scheduled Skype Session, if made with less than 24 hours notice. Payment will be required from you before a re-scheduled Session can be made.

  20. Provide Skype contact details for you to arrange Sessions with a Language Partner. Arrangements must be made within a reasonable time, ie. at least 5 working days before the scheduled Session.

  21. Operate the following refund policy:

    • If you are not completely satisfied with the course, and you email us within seven days of payment, we will refund your fee, in full, no questions asked.

    • The seven days start from the date we receive your course fee.

    • We do not offer any refunds after the seven day period has expired.

    • As administration charge of £40 will always be charged if a refund is made by virtue of d) and e) above.

    • Any refund made, for whatever reason, will be made via the same method as the payment was originally received.

    • This does not affect your statutory rights.

  22. Aim to reply to enquiries from you within approx. 24 working hours.

Copyright Notice

  1. Lessons content, instructions, Lesson Plans for the CBS, DPSI (Health, Law, Local Government), DipTrans online Courses and any other Interpreting and/or Translation Courses and course options etc. published by Linguist Training Ltd t/a linguisttraining.com on these web pages may not be reproduced, copied, shared with others without permission. Copyright exists in all other original material published by the IoLET or students of Linguist Training Ltd t/a linguisttraining.com and may belong to Linguist Training Ltd t/a linguisttraining.com depending on the circumstances of use.

  2. Aim to return proof-read Translation Practices within 7 working days.

  3. Maintain security of our website to the best of our ability including updating and / or changing access codes on a regular basis. Please note, we may not always be in a position to pre-warn you of such a change meaning that when you encounter this, you will have to contact us of the latest access codes.


You agree to:

  1. Read the relevant course information pages on this website www.linguisttraining.com to establish that the course is appropriate for you. You may email us or telephone us (see contact page) if you wish to discuss your Course options.

  2. Read the Course structure file thoroughly at the start of the course so that you are fully aware how the course works.

  3. Respect the importance of noise-free study around the face-to-face live Skype Sessions with your Language Partner. Mobile phones must be switched off in Sessions.

  4. Proceed with the course in the way prescribed in the Course structure file. We may not be able to support you fully, or at all, if you decide to proceed with the course in a different way. This especially applies to courses leading to IoLET exams.

  5. Ensure that all course option/s fees are paid by the agreed times.

  6. Undertake sufficient private study to maintain progress on your course. This will involve doing your own research to supplement our teaching materials.

  7. Submit work which is your own original work , clearly presented and a true reflection of your knowledge and abilities. Students who commit plagiarism by submitting work that is not theirs will be removed from their course immediately, without refund of fees.

  8. Submit work in Microsoft Word format, and by the method, explained in the Course structure file.

  9. Keep in contact with us by emailing the first instance to ask for help if you are stuck.

  10. Take reasonable precautions against computer viruses if communicating with us online.

  11. Register with any external awarding body if we ask you to do so.

  12. Understand that, every year, a decision regarding where IoLET oral exams can be taken, is subject to there being sufficient candidates in each language pathway and is made solely by the IoLET.  It is not in the control of Linguist Training Ltd t/a linguisttraining.com.  The decision will be published a number of weeks prior to the exam dates.

  13. Accept our refund policy: as detailed above.

  14. Make a fee payment of £60 for any cancellation of a scheduled Skype Session, if made with less than 24 hours notice. Payment will be required before a re-scheduled Session can be made.

  15. Make arrangements for the Skype Session to be scheduled as detailed  above.

  16. Comply with our Copyright Notice as detailed in paragraph 24.

By making an order on the website or in any other manner, you confirm that you have read and accept these terms..