Mock Exams

The only way to test if you are ready for the real thing!

You will be provided with real CIoL past exam papers and instructions. Under conditions which are as close to exam conditions as we can get, you will 'sit' the mock exam.

Afterwards, you will submit your exam paper to us and it will be marked by an experienced Language Partner, allowing you to see if you are ready for the exam.

You may also wish to buy these as part of your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme.

Please note that if you are carrying these out in preparation for a real exam, these are only available up to 3 weeks prior to the exam.

Mock Exams are available for:

The proof reading of my homework assignments and precise observations and recommendations made on flaws detected, stemming from the very first homework assignment, were both useful and enjoyable. I was sincerely happy to learn from these and applied them immediately! It helped me improve my translation ability and the quality of the translated text, which became evident in the grading attained in the two homework assignments completed afterwards.
— Rita