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I used the skills virtually immediately in my actual work. 
Mohammad, DPSI

Very useful specific information throughout the course. Section 4 and 8 were particularly helpful, as were the related links. This information helped understanding what the profession might involve in specific cases.

Sonia, FCT course

To be quite honest there is nothing that I disliked about the course. 

Anna, CBS

My Language Partner gave me some good tips, linguistically and also on approach, so yes all in all I think it went well. What's more I know exactly what I need to focus on for next time - in addition to the ongoing exercises on the course.

Raphael, DPSI


How would you rate the course, out of 10? 10

Which was your favourite part of the course and why? My favourite part of the course was represented by the exercises we needed to complete at the end of each lesson. Personally, those exercises helped me better understand the interpreting techniques and it also helped me gain a better knowledge and experience in this domain. 

Which was your least favourite part of the course and why? The entire course was very well-structured and complete. I did not have any least favourite part, because each lesson taught me something useful.

Is there anything that you suggest we change? No, absolutely not. You are doing a great work and you are providing your students the best training possible. 

Mirabela, DPSI

I must confess that initially I had my reservations regarding an e-Learning Course. I had never done that mode of study before so I thought it meant I would be pretty much left to my own devices. The truth is that I was supported in such a way by the team that I actually felt no difference from a face-to-face course. The way the course has been organized and the materials provided great insight into the subject matter. The level of professionalism and expertise made this an invaluable experience. 

Eugenia, DPSI


This course has been extremely useful for me. This is my first e-Learning course and it has surpassed my expectations. 


I searched on the internet for a thorough programme about translation, and contacted a selection of companies, but to no avail (lack of details, when not even a reply!). My partner found and passed it on me. What made the difference was the obvious seriousness of your company and the fact that you replied very quickly and have been more than helpful in everything I needed since then. 

Marc, DipTrans

I found the learning process very challenging and stimulating. As I am at the beginning of my learning, I find the whole process enjoyable. 

Agata, DipTrans

So far I have enjoyed the course and I have found it all useful; the reading materials are useful, as are the translations and Skype sessions. I am really enjoying the course. 

Eleanor, DipTrans

This is my first experience with an e-Learning Course. The course is well structured, organized and easy to follow. They are extremely professional, ethical, courteous and kind people. 

Rita, DipTrans

It has been such a pleasure - you guys have made this a fabulous experience. I am looking forward for my exam tomorrow, so let me prepare a bit more... Eugenia, DPSI

I wish all people I worked for had this passion for languages that you have. I always feel that I am learning something new when I work with you. Thank you! Andrea, DPSI

It has helped me to improve my language skills and taught me knowledge about the different topics, which are very practical. It would be definitely useful in the real working environment. Han

They customized my access in such a useful way I did not have to postpone the course while I was away from home for three weeks, under difficult conditions for internet access. I am very grateful! Rita, DipTrans

The most enjoyable part was to be encouraged by my Language Partner and to hear her share her experience and getting some bits of useful information and tips about the DPSI exam. Ani, DPSI

It was very useful to have feedback and be able to ask questions and discuss any points that were not clear. Also useful to have the tips for studying. Anna, CBS

I have done one distance learning course before and I prefer this one so far because of the language partner (Skype Sessions). It makes the course more personal and I can really see where I am going wrong and work on those areas. Other courses I have done do not include partners to answer any doubts. Eleanor, DipTrans

Interacting with my language partner has been the most useful and enjoyable part of the course and the Skype Session, likewise. Rita, DipTrans

During the Skype session, I enjoyed talking to my tutor about general issues surrounding working as a translator. Lucy, DipTrans

During the session my Language Partner explained everything in such good detail that as a result I think I should now easily overcome the problems I had with the translation in the past. Agata, DipTrans

My Language Partner is a very talented professional with very good communications skills and impressed me as an extremely transparent and honest person, which is a superb add-on to her professional values. I learned a lot from her. Rita, DipTrans

I am so grateful for the Skype session I had today. Thank you so much. In the beginning I was so nervous and was only thinking about the exam, which made it a bit hard for me to concentrate but then I spoke up about my fears and it really did help boost my confidence. I can't wait for the next Skype session. You were right, she really is good. Passi, DPSI

I can get assistance from my Language Partner when I am having my Skype Session, from which I know what I should improve.  Some websites provided are very useful such as note-taking skills and Magistrate or Crown court information. Lijuan, DPSI

My Language Partner’s experience, insight and feedback have proven invaluable. Valeria, DPSI

The most useful thing about my Skype session was to get an idea of what the DPSI exam is going to look like and how important it is to choose the most appropriate terms when interpreting. Ani, DPSI

First of all it was great working with my Language Partner; he was extremely helpful and very accommodating of my output, which was I feel quite substandard (at first). I got a lot of confidence from the session as it's been a little while since I've been ‘in the saddle’, so it felt good to get this session under my belt with a relative lack of trauma! Raphael, DPSI

The most useful things for me were the translations and receiving the feedback, the feedback was constructive and I think it has helped me. The Skype session was great to get the answers to my questions and find out some tips on future translations. Eleanor, DipTrans

I enjoyed doing the exam past papers.  I found it very useful to have feedback on my translation quality from a professional translator, which I’ve never had before. Lucy, DipTrans

The most useful was the feedback from the written assignments and the Skype Session.
Agata, DipTrans

Most useful: the course structure, the professionalism and ethics of and of my language partner; the proof reading of my homework assignments and precise observations and recommendations made on flaws detected, stemming from the very first homework assignment, were both useful and enjoyable. I was sincerely happy to learn from these and applied them immediately! It helped me improve my translation ability and the quality of the translated text, which became evident in the grading attained in the two homework assignments completed afterwards. Rita, DipTrans

Please note that we do not use real images of our customers, for confidentiality reasons. But their feedback is all real! :-)