Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals ensures that we have the correct mix of people in our company, for you to succeed.

eileen enos

Eileen has been a professional linguist since the 1980s and in 1999 she started Talking Heads as an LSP for private and public sector clients.

Eileen is a qualified and experienced professional linguist and a qualified teacher of languages. 

Eileen primarily works on course content and is the Official Examinations Officer for CIoL Examinations.



Language Partners participate in face to face Skype Sessions and mark your Translation Practice and Past Exam Papers.

Language Partners are specifically chosen based on their experience and relevance to your languages and requirements. They are the perfect professionals to assist you in your stage of learning - they have been where you are and now have successful careers as linguists.  

Book a session with a Language Partner:
Skype Sessions
Translation Practice and Past Exam Papers marked by these professionals.


The Talking Heads full team includes professional, qualified linguists, Project Managers and support staff, all available to provide support on courses, delivery and management.