10 Things You Need to Know About UK Businesses Exporting to China

"If you get to grips with the currency and the culture, you’ll discover a huge market with a growing appetite for all things British.

  1. China is the world’s largest e-commerce market
  2. British products are particularly in demand

  3. China has two versions of its currency

  4. China hosts the world’s biggest shopping day

  5. Social media really matters in China

  6. China operates a “first to file” trademark system

  7. China is not one single market

  8. Cultural sensitivity will help you build relationships

  9. The right introduction can be invaluable

  10. Influencer marketing can deliver big rewards"

“Designer goods, clothes and fragrances from British names all sell very well. So too do specialist products such as baby formula and chocolate.”
— Jeff Parker, Asia-Pacific Managing Director, WorldFirst

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