Why are we here at all?

Is this a question we all ask ourselves? Why are we here at all?

We know why...

We are here to create amazing online courses for linguists. We love it!

We work with the best, for the best and we can make you become the best! This is proven by the way - we won the award for the best exam results in the country from the CIoL.

So we know what our raison d'être is, but are we barking up the wrong tree or getting it right?

Well, here's what our students have to say about us. We are so proud of them! :-)

I must confess that initially I had my reservations regarding an e-Learning Course. I had never done that mode of study before so I thought it meant I would be pretty much left to my own devices. The truth is that I was supported in such a way by the linguisttraining.com team that I actually felt no difference from a face-to-face course. The way the course has been organized and the materials provided great insight into the subject matter. The level of professionalism and expertise made this an invaluable experience. Eugenia, DPSI
This course has been extremely useful for me. This is my first e-Learning course and it has surpassed my expectations.

- Rita

I searched on the internet for a thorough programme about translation, and contacted a selection of companies, but to no avail (lack of details, when not even a reply!). My partner found linguisttraining.com and passed it on me. What made the difference was the obvious seriousness of your company and the fact that you replied very quickly and have been more than helpful in everything I needed since then.

- Marc, DipTrans

I found the learning process very challenging and stimulating. As I am at the beginning of my learning, I find the whole process enjoyable.

- Agata, DipTrans

So far I have enjoyed the course and I have found it all useful; the reading materials are useful, as are the translations and Skype sessions. I am really enjoying the course.

- Eleanor, DipTrans

This is my first experience with an e-Learning Course. The course is well structured, organized and easy to follow. They are extremely professional, ethical, courteous and kind people.

- Rita, DipTrans

I used the skills virtually immediately in my actual work.

- Mohammad, DPSI

It has been such a pleasure - you guys have made this a fabulous experience. I am looking forward for my exam tomorrow, so let me prepare a bit more...

- Eugenia, DPSI