Oh Honey! I-ATE Terms to Make Your Mouth Water

Are you familiar with I-ATE?

IATE (= “Inter-Active Terminology for Europe”) is the EU's inter-institutional terminology database. IATE has been used in the EU institutions and agencies since summer 2004 for the collection, dissemination and shared management of EU-specific terminology [source].

You can view it here.

We really enjoyed reading their recent article about their Food Term of the week. You can read it here.

They focus on one of the most famous types of honey - made in the Canary Islands - called guarapo. According to the Real Academia Española, guarapo is a Quechua word meaning cane juice from what sugar is produced after evaporation. Actually, guarapo is the name given in some parts of Colombia to a fermented drink made from cane honey. The truth is that ‘cane honey’ (miel de caña) is actually a synonym of guarapo, as in the Canary Islands, specifically in La Gomera island, and according to the Academia Canaria de la Lengua, guarapo is a cane juice to produce honey cane; that is, guarapo is the sap of palms [source].

We love it when our two loves of language and food come together!

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