Visualise our World of Languages

The South China Morning Post has created a visualisation of languages spoken in the world. The image uploaded is indeed gorgeous (see it in full here). Beautifully presented, it is a great representation of how many speakers there are of each language in the world.

The infographic was created by Alberto Lucas López for South China Morning Post. Entitled ‘A World of Languages’, the graphic aims to show readers the range of languages spoken throughout the world and highlight how over 4.1 billion people use the twenty-three most spoken languages. The simplistic way it is presented helps users to understand the depth and scope of the most commonly spoken languages in the world today.

However, the infographic hasn’t been without criticism; many comments have centred on the usage of incorrect data or languages being ‘lumped’ into incorrect categories. Despite the criticism, it aims to teach the world about something used every single day, presented in a clear, concise and stylish manner.

At Talking Heads HQ we deal with different languages every day and are lucky enough to have a great database of over 9000 linguists spread across the world with whom we work. Yet even we, like everyone else, can go about our daily lives and forget the diversity and the number of languages spoken around the world every day. This infographic aims to remind us how diverse we are and because of that, we commend it.

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