7 Tips to Getting More Language Work.

Are you a struggling language professional or translator? Is your inbox always empty? Here are a few tips to get you more paid work.

1. Keep your info up to date
We’re not going to tell you to register with an agency, that’s just a given (and obviously we think you should register with Talking Heads), but make sure you keep your linguist profile up to date on their database. Up to date contact details, rates and training are all crucial to scoring work.

2. Keep in touch with your Resource Manager
The man in charge at Talking Heads is Neil Savage and he’s a very lovely guy – particularly so because he likes to know what you’re up to. So tell him when you’re available for work and when you’re not. That doesn’t mean you should send him emails every day but do give him a heads up if you’re going on holiday for a month – it saves him and the other project managers from sending emails in vain.

3. Special offers
Once in a while it could be a good idea to offer your clients a healthy discount on your translation or proofreading rates. It’ll get you more work and chances are the client will remember just how good you are when you raise your rates again.

4. Be nice
You can’t always secure the highest paid job and if that means you are handling the Proofreading, don’t make a point out of trying to make the translator look bad – when they’re not. Your project manager will see through that.

5. Manners matter
Good manners in emails, over the phone and throughout your work will always leave a good impression. If you are offered a job and you’re not available, it’s still good practice to reply saying so. Then your client won’t keep trying to chase and chase you if  they hear nothing.

6. Don’t refer to yourself as an employee – you’re not
In other words, don’t list yourself as an employee of an agency on LinkedIn – or anywhere else for that matter. Not only is it wrong (you’re self-employed!), it annoys the living daylights out of the agencies that have to then spend time asking the website to remove you. Just don’t do it.

7. Invest in training
Think about what could make you stand out among other linguists; an added training certificate will most certainly do the trick. Be it a Certificate in Bilingual Skills or a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, your clients will be impressed and you’ll be able to cash in. See Linguist Training’s course offers by clicking here.