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I used the skills virtually immediately in my actual work. 
Mohammad, DPSI

Very useful specific information throughout the course. Section 4 and 8 were particularly helpful, as were the related links. This information helped understanding what the profession might involve in specific cases.
Sonia, FCT course


How would you rate the course, out of 10? 10

Which was your favourite part of the course and why? My favourite part of the course was represented by the exercises we needed to complete at the end of each lesson. Personally, those exercises helped me better understand the interpreting techniques and it also helped me gain a better knowledge and experience in this domain. 

Which was your least favourite part of the course and why? The entire course was very well-structured and complete. I did not have any least favourite part, because each lesson taught me something useful.

Is there anything that you suggest we change? No, absolutely not. You are doing a great work and you are providing your students the best training possible. 
Mirabela, DPSI