"My favourite part of the course was the lesson about Translation Techniques - I didn't know these techniques and I found it very interesting and full of specific details." Ewelina

" I just wanted to write a friendly message saying that I started my FCT course today and I am really enjoying it so far. Not only are the information and the links very interesting and useful, but I feel that doing the course is really helping me to focus my mind on my work as a translator (I have been translating for eight months but on a very ad-hoc basis so the structure of the course is really helping me a lot). I decided to also do the DipTrans preparation course with linguisttraining.com, based on my satisfaction with the FCT course. Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work." Katrina

"I have been practising sight translations, taking time into consideration (which I hadn’t really considered before), and I’m finding it easier with practice, so the mock exam certainly helped me discover what my weaknesses were and work on them. Your advice has been very useful." Aleksandra



"Good morning Sophie, Thank you so much for your email. You've definitely answered all my questions. The information you provided me was very complete and cleared up the confusion I had. :-) Thank you again. I really appreciate your time and personalised attention!" Elizabeth


"I can get assistance from my Language Partner when I am having my Skype Session, from which I know what I should improve." Lijuan


"I am so grateful for the Skype Session I had today. Thank you so much. In the beginning I was so nervous and was only thinking about the exam, which made it a bit hard for me to concentrate but then I spoke up about my fears and it really did help boost my confidence. I can't wait for the next Skype session. You were right, she really is good." Passi


"My Language Partner’s experience, insight and feedback have proven invaluable." Valeria


"The Skype Session was interesting. I got useful advice and helpful tips. The length of the session was more than okay, as there was enough time for all my questions to be answered and for an exchange of general impressions on my progress. It was nice to speak with a professional translator and to get first hand feedback of my exercises as well as some advice on the approach of specific kind of translations. For me it was perfect." Daniel, EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)


"I have done one distance learning course before and I prefer this one so far because of the Language Partner (Skype Sessions). It makes the course more personal and I can really see where I am going wrong and work on those areas. Other courses I have done do not include partners to answer any doubts." Eleanor


"During the Skype session, I enjoyed talking to my tutor about general issues surrounding working as a translator." Lucy


"Thanks ever so much for returning my paper and the marking sheet, and so quickly, too. I can't emphasis how helpful this feedback is to me. It was definitely good to get so much one-on-one feedback from my Translation Practices and I don't think I would have felt as confident taking the exam had I not done these." Katrina


Please note that we do not use real images of our customers, for confidentiality reasons. But their feedback is all real! :-)