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The Foundation Certificate in Interpreting (FCI)

A course from AWARD-WINNING linguisttraining.com


We are delighted that you are interested in furthering your education and potentially becoming qualified in providing multilingual services. 

Quick Overview

Course type: e-learning (online)
When can I start the course? ANYTIME
Number of online lessons: 11
Cost of course: Click here
Course Languages: ALL
Level: Entry (NQF Level 'Entry')
Supplementary: Skype Sessions, Translation Practice.
Access for: 12 months


Why Choose linguisttraining.com?

  • linguisttraining.com (by Talking Heads) was named ‘BEST IN THE COUNTRY (UK)’ upon winning the Nuffield Trophy for Best Group Entry in the DPSI Examinations.
  • linguisttraining.com is one of the officially listed training providers of CIoL language training courses AND an established provider of language services to the private and public sector for over 16 years. These two facts mean that we know what the customer wants and how you can provide it.
  • Manage your learning in your own time. Content is accessed online whenever and wherever. Face-to-face interpreting practice and live interaction sessions arranged at your convenience. 
I used the skills virtually immediately in my actual work.
— Mohammad, DPSI

What Is The FCI?

The Foundation Certificate in Interpreting (FCI) has been specifically created as an introductory course for multilingual individuals who wish to provide interpreting services professionally. It facilitates entry to business and service industries as well as CIoL degree and Masters level courses. Holders of the Certificate are entitled to confirm that they have received official training in this subject area and publicise their training on their Curriculum Vitae. 

The FCI Certification

The FCI represents entry-level professional level skills in interpreting. It is an entry level qualification (NQF Level 'Entry') in terms of language skills required for those interpreting in the UK.

Excellent command of English and the Other Language is required.  However the decision as to whether you think you are at the required level to carry out this course must be yours.

The FCI qualification offers a range of benefits:

Provides a nationally consistent standard of professionalism for those who wish to progress into careers as interpreters using English and their 'Other Language'.


  • Facilitates entry to business and service industries, and Degree and Masters level courses.
  • Entitles holders to confirm that they have received official training in this subject area and publicise their training on their Curriculum Vitae.

The certification is available in every language.


The linguisttraining.com e-learning Course

linguisttraining.com offers you the chance to study the FCI course from wherever you are in the world, starting whenever you feel ready. We can do this as all of our courses are 'e-learning' courses. This means that you are provided with a unique web link and password for each course / lesson, and you can access all of the content online, at your own convenience and pace.

The course content is split into separate lessons, each covering a different area of study from within the FCI syllabus. 

In each lesson within our online training area where you will be able to read the Course Content, complete Exercises and view links and videos to assist with your learning. 

FCI e-learning Lesson Content

Covering all the essential components of the FCI, the content is as follows:

Interpreting topics - example list:

  1. What is an Interpreter?
  2. The Interpreter’s Code of Conduct
  3. Public Sector Interpreting: Law, Health, Social Services
  4. Interpreters in the European Union
  5. Commercial Interpreting
  6. Working With Agencies
  7. Interpreting Techniques (incl. Telephone Interpreting)
  8. Translation Techniques
  9. Sight Translation
  10. Note Taking


  • Links / reading materials on various subjects
  • Extensive written teachings / information on the subject matter
  • Exercises, such as vocabulary building and sight translation from English into the Other Language, whispered interpreting techniques, etc.
  • Online resources / Videos / up-to-date links

In total, hundreds of resources carefully designed and planned by linguisttraining.com.

Course Outcomes

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from linguisttraining.com, Award-Winning trainer and Accredited CIoL Examination centre.
  • Entitles holders to confirm that they have received official training in this subject area and publicise their training on their Curriculum Vitae.

Supplementary Services

Skype Sessions are available on this course. During your Skype sessions, you will receive advice on Interpreting and Translating. Together with your Language Partner/s you will have an opportunity to discuss feedback and ask questions.  

Translation Practice - When you choose to learn online, it's always helpful to have feedback on your progress, although it's not always possible with e-learning formats. With our Translation Practices, we provide you with the opportunity to have your translations reviewed by an experienced Language Partner - crucial for learners who are planning on providing professional language services. Practice your technique and test your progress.