Taking The Exam - Becoming Qualified.

  • For many, taking the course and receiving a certificate of completion is enough.
  • For others, becoming qualified by an accredited organisation is the ultimate goal.
  • For most, having an official qualification is essential to receive work from organisations who demand it.


To sit the DPSI exam, visit the CIoL website.


TO SIT THE DIPtrans EXAM at our Sheffield centre:

You must complete the steps in this order:

  1. Request to book a place at our Centre (Official CIOL exam centre no. 2193), using the button below.
    • If you have bought a course from us, this is free of charge.
    • External Candidates are also welcome (ie. if you haven't purchased our Course) and there is a Centre Fee, payable to us, of £53.
  2. Send the confirmation of this centre booking, to the CIoL.
  3. Register with them and pay them the Exam fee.
  4. Nearer the Exam date, the CIoL will confirm your candidacy with us.
  5. Please note that IT facilities are available on request at our exam centre.


    Travel Information

    Address: linguisttraining.com, Ground Floor, 3 President Buildings, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ


    • From Sheffield Rail Station (SHF), Sheaf Street, Sheffield, S1 2BP - a taxi from here will take approximately 7 minutes drive. There will probably be taxis waiting outside the station.
    • From Meadowhall Rail Station (MHS), Meadowhall Road, Sheffield, S9 1JQ - a taxi from here will take approximately 13 minutes drive. You may have to call for a taxi as at quiet times, there may not be taxis waiting.

    Most taxi drivers will be familiar with this area. We are next door to the Gripple 'spider', which is a famous Sheffield landmark.

    The train and bus stations are very close to each other at both Sheffield and Meadowhall locations.

    From (near) Sheffield Interchange / Rail Station:

    • X78 (Sheffield to Doncaster) - Get on at Pond Street / Sheffield Interchange and alight at Savile Street East / Windsor Street. Walk for 2 minutes.
    • X1 (Sheffield to Maltby) - Get on at Paternoster Row / Showroom Cinema and alight at Attercliffe Road/Princess Street. Walk for 9 minutes.

    From Meadowhall Interchange:

    • X78 (Doncaster to Sheffield) - Get on at Meadowhall Interchange and alight at Corby Street/Princess Street. Walk for 2 minutes.
    • X1 (Maltby to Sheffield) - Get on at Meadowhall Interchange and alight at Attercliffe Road/WarrenStreet. Walk for 9 minutes.

    Please note that the X78 bus route is: Sheffield (Interchange) - Attercliffe (closest to our exam centre) - Meadowhall (Interchange) - Masbrough - Rotherham (Interchange) - Thrybergh (Country Park) - Conisbrough (Castle) - Balby - Doncaster (Frenchgate Interchange).

    For further information please visit www.travelsouthyorkshire.com.

    Sheffield has a very efficient and reliable modern tram system. Relevant trams run from and to Sheffield and Meadowhall. The nearest stop to our exam centre is 'Attercliffe'. From there it is a 20 minute walk. www.supertram.com.

    National Express operate coaches from most major towns and cities to Sheffield and Meadowhall. www.nationalexpress.com.

    It is just under 2 miles from Sheffield Rail Station / Interchange and just under 2.5 miles from Meadowhall Rail Station / Interchange.

    Sheffield has convenient bike routes and we have somewhere to safely store your bike at our exam centre.

    I would like to thank all the linguisttraining.com team for your work. I have received the results of the DPSI exam in the post yesterday and I was very pleased - 3 Merits, 1 Pass and 1 Distinction. I have studied hard, of course, but I had all the necessary materials provided (very well written and structured). Your help and advice during the whole process of learning and, of course, my Language Partner was very professional, knowledgeable and supportive.
    — Elena, DPSI Student