The Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) HEALTH

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What Is The DPSI (HEALTH)?

The Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) is an internationally recognised course and qualification for linguists who work in the interpreting / translation industry. It facilitates:

  • Access to Interpreting work within the UK Public Sector (Health, Local Authorities, etc).

  • Masters Degree level courses.

  • Applications for membership of the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL).



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e-learning (online)
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DPSI Health
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Degree (NQF Level 6)

Skype Sessions, Translation Practice (Past Exam papers)

12 months

DPSI HEalth e-learning Lesson Content

The course content is split into separate lessons, each covering a different area of study from within the DPSI syllabus, dictated by the CIoL. The content includes:

  • 31 Health subject matter lessons - extensive written teachings / information on the subject matter.

  • 5 language based lessons – hone your interpreting and translation techniques for this type of work.

  • 306 online links to resources, videos, etc.

  • 76 Exercises, such as vocabulary building, whispered interpreting techniques and sight translation, etc.

  • Exam tips for oral and written exam units.

In total, hundreds of resources carefully designed and planned for your learning. Completion of this will enable you to be fully educated in the field and you will be ready to take the exam successfully and with confidence, if that is your chosen path.


Why choose an Online Course?

  • You can study wherever you are in the world.

  • You can start the course whenever you feel ready.

  • You can study each lesson at a time which suits you - rather than fitting into a fixed classroom timetable.

Course Outcomes

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from - award winning trainer.

  • You are able to register for the examination with the CIoL for the DPSI exam.


Why Choose for your online DPSI Health course?

  • (by Talking Heads) was named BEST IN THE COUNTRY for getting the best DPSI exam results in the UK (Nuffield Trophy for Best Group Entry).

  • is one of the officially listed training providers of CIoL language training courses AND an established provider of language services to the private and public sector for over 16 years. These two facts mean that we know what the customer wants and how you can provide it.

  • Manage your learning in your own time. Content is accessed online whenever and wherever. Face-to-face Interpreting practice and live interaction sessions arranged at your convenience.


Supplementary Items (paid for separately):

Skype Sessions are available on this course. During your Skype sessions, you will receive advice on interpreting and translating. Together with your Language Partner/s you will have an opportunity to discuss feedback and ask questions.  

Translation Practice - When you choose to learn online, it's always helpful to have feedback on your progress, although it's not always possible with e-learning formats. With our Translation Practices, we provide you with the opportunity to have your translations reviewed by an experienced Language Partner - crucial for learners who are planning on taking the exam associated with their course. Practice your exam technique and test your revision progress.

My favourite part of the course was represented by the exercises we needed to complete at the end of each lesson. Personally, those exercises helped me better understand the interpreting techniques and it also helped me gain a better knowledge and experience in this domain.

The entire course was very well-structured and complete. I did not have any least favourite part, because each lesson taught me something useful. You are doing a great work and you are providing your students the best training possible.
— Mirabela, DPSI