DipTrans: 1st HALF

DipTrans: 1st HALF


Full course info here: linguisttraining.com/diptrans.

Student review of the DipTrans Course:

"I took the linguisttraining.com online preparation course for the DipTrans exam last year and after sitting the exam in January this year, I was thrilled to pass with a Pass, Merit and Distinction.

I think that for me, what really made the course stand out was the amount of additional reading materials that are linked to, many of which I found extremely interesting and would not necessarily have chanced upon while doing my own research. Also, I found the course very concise and easy to follow while still packing in a lot of useful information. I would definitely recommend it if I had friends who were linguistically-minded, and I decided to do the DipTrans preparation course with Linguist Training too based on my satisfaction with the FCT course. Thanks in any case, for all of the support that I received throughout the DipTrans preparation course: I would not have been able to approach the exam with such a strong level of confidence had I not taken the course, and I am sure that taking the course is part of what helped me to gain a Merit and a Distinction in two of the units."


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